Bosch Non-Intrusive Energy Management Platform is specially developed to meet the energy requirements of segments such as
  • Quick servicce Restaurant(QSR) chain
  • Mid- Format Retail Outlets
  • Small to Midsized Office Buildings
  • ATM & Bank Branches
  • Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs)
  • Telecom Towers, etc.

It uses signal processing and machine learning techniques to disaggregate total load into individual appliances in non-intrusive way.

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

NILM is a unique process for analyzing changes in the current and voltage going into a setup and measuring the individual energy consumption and load of the devices being used in the premises. The derivations are based on consumed load, duration of usage, peak usage pattern, etc.


Energy Landscape at a site level

Monitor actual operating hours

Identify devices which need servicing

Key Energy Consumers


Innovative,Intelligent & integrated energy management for your facility

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